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Distance measurement and position detection


  • Distance measurement and determination of position
  • Diameter measurement of rolls / coils
  • Fill level measurement
  • Position control
  • Monitoring of safety-relevant parts
  • Monitoring of lifting plants / lifting height measurement and positioning of elevators
  • Monitoring and positioning of cranes and conveyor systems


  • Millimeter precise measurement on various surfaces
  • Long range reflector-less distance measurement
  • With additional reflectors on the target object measurements over 100 m
  • Operation in extreme ambient temperatures with high precision and range
  • High supply voltage range between 10 V and 30 V DC with low power consumption
  • Safe operation through laser class 2
  • Easy adjustment through visible laser beam
  • One connection cable for supply voltage, serial data interface, switching and analog output
  • Customized parameterization via PC
  • Display of measured values in meters, feet, inches and others due to free scaling
  • Robust, compact housing, easy to install, protection standard IP 65