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A non-contact electronic optical system measures the volume and weight of bulk materials on a conveyor belt and transmits the results wirelessly to a PDA smartphone, from where information is redirected to the operator’s computer. The measurement system has no moving or wearing parts, does not require maintenance, is insensitive to vibration, wind, dust, temperature fluctuations or changing conveyor angle. Calibration of the system is done only once, re-calibration is not required, installation of the system on the conveyor is carried out in 3-4 hours.


The whole facility under continuous control


By e-mail to any predefined recipient. The optical belt scale can be monitored and operated from your office. Thus, perpetual access and control is being offered, from the nodal point of the facility. The included smartphone communicates via Bluetooth with the optical belt scale. Operation by personnel is not required. Only the device has to be within broadcasting range. Live data can be retrieved at any time from any location. The team can also access the smartphone (after authority) via the network and carry out remote maintenance. On-site maintenance and the associated costs can thus be avoided.